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Swimming Pool

Issue 20

April 2024

Interdisciplinary Rhythms: How Dancers Fuse Inspiration from Alternate Mediums

By Ayshwariya Lakshmi

Dancers draw inspiration from diverse mediums - visual arts to music, film, sculpture, and even digital technology. Through interviews with choreographers, dancers, we discover how they navigate the boundaries between disciplines, blending techniques and ideas exploring newer ways of storytelling

Preethi Photo.jpeg

Interview with Preethi Bharadwaj

Preethi Bharadwaj is a multifaceted artist whose passion for both theatre and dance has led her on a remarkable journey of creative exploration. With an upcoming role in a Tamil play alongside her ongoing ventures in movement-based dance projects, Preethi offers us a glimpse into her dynamic approach to the arts and her unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

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Finding Footing Again

Strategies for Dancers who are Resuming Their Dance Journey

For artists reentering the dance world after a break, it's crucial to consider various factors. From evaluating physical readiness to establishing achievable goals and prioritizing self-care, we highlight essential elements for dancers as they recommence their journey onto the stage

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The Bookmark

Book recommendation from NeoNarthaki


Looking to expand your dancing horizons? From festivals to workshops to residencies, we share here a curated list of opportunities for dancers to learn, grow and connect with the world of dance!

Govt of India - Lata Mangeshkar Dance and Music Scholarship
Dhurii Space - Inner Spaces Retreat, Munnar
Dance Bridges Festival
NCPA - Mudra Dance Festival 
Medai- Bengaluru Marghazhi
Apulia International Dance Festival

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