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Water Ripple

Issue 6

Jun 2021
From the Guest  Editor

Pride Month

pride flag.png

By  Ramya  Rajaraman

The second wave of the raging global pandemic has been

unforgiving and a far bitter experience for many. Just merely

surviving the lockdown, the `show' less world as performing artists

has been difficult. But several artists have gone one step further

and spearheaded various initiatives that support and provide a

lending hand to those in need. From raising funds for artists from

marginalized backgrounds to spearheading discussions and

initiatives centering around Mental Health for frontline workers,

artists across the globe have been giving back to society in one way

or another. They are keeping the spirit of art alive by contributing

and streamlining efforts to ensure the show runs virtually

June also historically marks the celebration of Pride Month

globally. Though rooted in a revolution that happened in a faraway

land, the idea that each year the entire world dedicates a month to

celebrate the diversity of our identities is beautiful. The fight and

struggle for inclusivity and safe spaces within the arts ecosystem

continues to grow every day. I hope as a community; we can be

more accepting of people and their distinctiveness and not ground

ourselves to age-old societal norms

This month enlightens a path of darkness with rays of light across

the tunnel. It solidifies hove and happiness, at least in the form of a rainbow.

Ramya Rajaraman is the Founder & Director of ArtSpire.

American Ballet Theatre presents ABT PRIDE

To celebrate, support and elevate #PrideMonth, The American Ballet Theatre featured dancers from the LGBTQIA+ community who share their stories. 
Happy Pride! 

COVID-19 Relief Support by Artists

Fundraising by Samarpana for Arts and Well-Being


An initiative focusing on supporting and raising funds for the arts community, Samarpana for Arts and Well-Being has also now played a crucial role in providing COVID-19 relief support, through a number of fundraising initiatives developed over the past few months featuring Indian classical dancers from around the world. 

From book launches to workshops and much more there are a number of ways one can contribute.


To know more about their cause and to donate, click here


Deep Listening Circle: Accessing Self-Care through Community Care


With the rise of mental health issues caused by the impact of the pandemic, Nisha Abdullah (theatre-maker & educator) and Shalini Rao (Psychotherapist & educator) felt the need to create safe spaces for people to share and converse. The intention of Deep Listening Circle is to provide the space for people to be heard through guided self-reflection. The circle that takes place every friday is a listening space for a community and not a group-therapy session. 


To learn more about the next circle, click here or email

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