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Issue 12

Jun 2022

Inclusivity in Bharatnatyam

Bharatnayam Pride.jpg

By Shreyaa Suresh

As pride month is celebrated this June, there is a need to discuss the importance of inclusivity in the arts, especially in the Bharatanatyam community. In this article the writer shares her views on one of the most important spaces - the classroom - where the performance of gender is an everyday ritual and how performers, teachers and artists can make it more inclusive.

Artist Feature: Ashish Chopra

A 26-year-old HR professional with five years of experience working with 2 MNC’s, Ashish is a drag queen and also happens to be gay. He was also the 1st runner-up for Mr. Gay India 2018. Today, he takes us through how we can all be an ally at our workspaces.

Ashish Chopra.png

Artist Feature Prashant aka Bahaar

Prashant aka Bahaar is a businessman by day and Drag queen by night. He is a Bangalore based stylist turned entrepreneur who runs his own clothing business as well as a media production house. A vegan by choice, he is all about animal welfare.

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