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Swimming Pool

Issue 14

February 2023

Love Interpreted

By Akshath Ram

It is that time of the year when old love is celebrated, and new love flourishes through the magic of emotion. While the feeling of being loved is in the air, we decided to take a trip through Indian Classical Art and the various interpretations of love. From divine love to romantic love, from unrequited love to selfless love, our art forms have explored the many facets of love. 

Celebrating Queer Love this Valentine’s Day

Celebrating queer love is all about acknowledging and respecting the love and affection between individuals regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.



Goethe Invisible Dance - A three week Residency
Kalakeli Movement Arts 2023 - Training Programme
KalaNirvana International Art Center - Residency
Sanskriti - Kalakriti Fellowship


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