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Water Ripple

Issue 8

Oct 2021

#DeviDiaries - An initiative by Narthaki and NeoNarthaki

Devi Diaries1.png

#DeviDiaries 2021 is an initiative of Narthaki & NeoNarthaki that highlights the power of 'Female Divinity'. This year, we brought back this concept in a bigger and exciting way! 

The #DeviDiaries series featured some of the most prominent dancers in Indian Classical Dance, sharing their perspective on this very subject through new choreography. Visit Narthaki's (@narthakiofficial) or NeoNarthaki’s (@neonarthaki) Instagram handle to watch this! 

In addition, the #DeviDiariesReelsChallenge was developed with the intention of putting a spotlight on young dancers, who shared 1 minute of their interpretation of Devi through Reels on NeoNarthaki's (@neonarthaki) Instagram handle. 

Sustainability in Dance

A Live Talk by Contemporary Dancer, Paramita Saha

As a dancer, how can we be environmentally conscious? What are the ways to be mindful of the same? 

Contemporary Dancer & Co-Founder-Director of Artsforward, Paramita Saha, shares her experiences and thoughts on how artists can make their practice environmentally sustainable.

In this talk she gives us an insight into how a dancer can approach this very idea in their artistic practice. 

The Business of Arts

5 Tips to Apply to Performing Arts Festivals

With the arts slowly opening up post the pandemic lockdowns, several festivals have reimagined their presentation formats.  Arts festivals have begun to explore the concept of commissioned art performances that do not remain confined to traditional presentations. Ideating and curating unique, themed, and intrinsic concepts and productions have become the new norm.

 As festivals have now begun to accept applications for the coming year (2022-23), we at NeoNarthaki thought that we would list down some of the key aspects to keep in mind when developing your application – be it for a digital or an in-person presentation.

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