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Water Ripple

Issue 4

Feb 2021
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From the Guest  Editor

Crystal Ball Gazing: What’s in Store for Performing Arts in 2021?

By  Ramya  Rajaraman

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for the performing arts, as the pandemic brought the sector activities to a standstill. In order to keep up the momentum, several artists took to digital platforms, while several were unable to do so due to lack of resources and technological knowhow. The situation however sparked innovation and conversations like never before, forcing artists to introspect their relationship with their art, and rethink the way they created and delivered it. With the pandemic lifestyle here to stay for months, what does 2021 hold for the performing arts? 

Through the Lens

Conversation between Nahid Siddiqui and Masoom Parmar

By Masoom Parmar

“As a child, I didn’t know why I would get this compulsion, this urge to dance,” says Nahid Siddiqui, one of Pakistan’s most iconic kathak dancers. “Even at the age of four or five, I really liked to move. I didn’t know what dance was back then, but I was very expressive in my body language. I wouldn’t hesitate when asked to dance. In fact, I wished someone would ask me to dance. It hit me later on that I was actually doing kathak.”

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Out of the Ordinary

Camera's New Muse 

by Rashika Ojha Abrol

Lights. Camera. Rolling. Action...

In cinema, as you hear the above, action unfolds for the camera with one take or sometimes many for the story to be told. This recreated reality is filtered with editing choices and released for the audience to view and make an opinion. Camera is like breath to cinema.

While we experience Art/ Sports,
do we feel connected to something Large? Why?

by Lavanyaa Surendar

We are surrounded by strangers, bombarded with cheering/booing, yet we enjoy the live performance/ game show than watching on a TV or a social media platform. We lose ourselves and feel connected to something larger. How does this happen?

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Out of the Ordinary

UNMUTE: Breaking the Culture of Silence 

Written by Ellora Kothare and Shivani Jatar

On January 15th, 2020 beej and the Kri foundation shared space with Asiya Shervani, an inclusion and diversity advisor, to start a conversation about a topic often looked over:  the ethics and values surrounding sexual, physical and emotional harassment. The session was moderated by artiste Masoom Parmar and was attended by about a 100 attendees across fields of artistic expression.

Initiatives and Features

A Movement Beyond:  In Search of Noon Meem Danish

How do we honor the histories and futures of Indian arts and politics?  Preethi Ramaprasad and Ananya Ashok consider their ongoing process through the social movements which impact their approach to Bharatanatyam and Indian music.  Inspired by the composition of Sheedi poet Noon Meem Danish and their search for him, Preethi and Ananya ask questions about visibility.

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Neo Narthaki Recommends 

Latest News and Trends in the World of Dance 

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