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Swimming Pool

Issue 19

January 2024

How important is the season of dance for the upcoming generation?

By Ayshwariya Lakshmi

The Margazhi season stands as a cultural extravaganza during the Tamil calendar's mid-December to January period. What began in 1930 as a week-long music festival has evolved into a global stage, providing artists, particularly young dancers, with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents. In this exploration, we delve into the perspectives of emerging dancers, reflecting on the season's historical roots, the challenges faced by contemporary performers, and the evolving landscape shaped by social media and digital platforms. 

Breaking the Margazhi Mould!

A look at the alternate format events that emerged this season

This Margazhi, we had some truly unique events that stand out from the rest. From MadRasana's groundbreaking innovations in Carnatic music to the intimate performative conversations at Rasoham's Kutty Kutchery Festival 2023 – these events promised a Margazhi experience like no other. Join us as we explore the distinctive blend of tradition and innovation.

The Bookmark

Book recommendation from NeoNarthaki

We share a few books that are a treasure trove for art and book lovers.


Looking to expand your dancing horizons? From festivals to workshops to residencies, we share here a curated list of opportunities for dancers to learn, grow and connect with the world of dance!

Jharna, Edition 3 - Chennai
Pepper House Residency - Kochi, Kerala
Sanskriti Foundation - New Delhi
India Foundation for the Arts 
NeeRav Arts Village (NAV) - A Holistic Space for Artists

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