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Swimming Pool

Issue 16

June 2023
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Body, Identity, and Performance: A Dancer’s Perspective

- Madhur Gupta

It is LGBT Pride Month and I have been invited to express my views on a crucial topic of body, identity, and performance through my perspective. Initial thoughts that come to me are first of immense relatability but competing with these emotions of familiarity are notions of disassociation. As much as I feel a part of this discussion, the feeling of being disconnected and far off from the eye of the storm split my existence. I will go ahead and explain how, but before that, I will give a fair disclaimer of this piece being not an academic paper but a heartfelt viewpoint of an insider in words that are accessible to all.

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Diving into the World of Drag - 
A conversation with Patruni Sastry

As part of our exploration  into queer culture and its vibrant expressions, we had the pleasure of interviewing a talented and charismatic drag queen, Patruni Sastry, known for his captivating performances and fierce personality, graciously shared his experiences and insights into the world of drag. Here are the highlights from our conversation.


​Festivals in India that celebrate Queer culture

Queer culture encompasses a diverse range of identities and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, various festivals have emerged worldwide to celebrate and honor queer culture, providing spaces for visibility, advocacy, and community building. These festivals often serve as platforms for expression, acceptance, and the promotion of LGBTQ+ rights. Let's explore a few prominent festivals that celebrate queer culture.


The Bookmark

Book recommendations from NeoNarthaki

This month we share a few books that celebrate diverse identities and experiences


Looking to expand your dancing horizons? We share here a list of curated opportunities for dancers. From festivals to workshops to residencies, we present relevant opportunities for dancers to learn, grow and connect with the world of dance!


The Konark Dance Festival

Rajgir Mahotsav, Bihar

Shrustii Multicultural Centre

Attakkari Certificate Course

Nalanda Dance Research Centre

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