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Swimming Pool

Issue 11

Apr 2022

2022 - The Year of Instagram Arts

By Shreyaa Suresh

As International Dance Day approaches us on the 29th of April, it is a time of reflection, celebration, and healing for all dancers across the world. Every year, social media plays a big role in reassuring the dancer's identity. It is filled with photos of dancers adorned in costumes with a caption to commemorate that day. Be it the change in profile pictures or a story update, be it from real-time, the recent past, or from ages ago, it is the day where every dancer looks into this identity that has shaped their lives in so many ways, big or small. This virtual identity becomes a big part of the real person that the dancer is and influences the spaces they occupy as dancers. 

Spaces to Explore for Your Next Artistic Venture

With live performances resuming again, much to the artists’ and audiences’ delight, here are a few spaces you could explore for presenting your artistic initiatives.

Spaces - Gowtham Ganesan.jpeg
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