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Water Ripple

Issue 5

Apr 2021
From the Guest  Editor
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International Dance Day

By  Masoom Parmar

The past year has been fraught with difficulties for

every individual on the planet. As I look back, I am

amazed by the resilience of the artistes, technicians

and craftsmen in a field that is already rife with


As the world still struggles with the pandemic, the

initial euphoria of performing and teaching online

has plateaued. The chatter on Zoom calls is reducing.

Maybe it is this very moment of saturation that all

dancers need. This month of International Dance

Day, I wish all dancers take a step back, and

introspect what the purpose of their art is. Art is

claimed to heal, but who is it really healing? And

how? The pandemic also seems like an opportunity

tor dancers to come together and re-create their

industry in a different, more accepting and just


And so, in 2021 on the occasion of International

Dance Day, I wish we dancers find new ways to

engage with dance and the community at large

Masoom Parmar is an artiste, curator and arts managel

based out of Bangalore.

Dance India Today

A series of interviews by Annette Leday with leading movement practitioners of India

In 2019, after two years of research, French choreographer Annette Leday completed a survey on contemporary dance in India. Annette has been a familiar figure in the world of Indian performing arts for the last thirty years. Now, in agreement with the artistes interviewed, she offers the public videos of many of the conversations on which the survey is based. 

Tune in every Saturday at 10:00 AM IST to NeoNarthaki's Instagram handle to watch these conversations. 

Supported by
Centre National de la Danse Paris (Aide à la recherche et patrimoine en danse), 
Institut Français Inde Delhi, India Foundation for the Arts Bangalore, Association Keli Paris

Neo Narthaki Recommends 

Opportunities & Resources 

Prince Claus Seed Awards Open Call For Applications: Click Here

Building on 25 years of experience supporting, honouring and connecting artists and cultural practitioners in the fields of culture and development, the Prince Claus Fund is excited to issue an open call for the Prince Claus Seed Awards. 

The Prince Claus Fund will annually recognize 100 emerging artists and cultural practitioners within the first five years of their careers. With the Prince Claus Seed Awards we aim to contribute to flourishing arts scenes globally, where emerging artists can develop their practice on their own terms.   

CALL OUT: JUNGLE BOOK AUDITIONS by Akram Khan Dance Company: Click Here

Akram Khan is seeking professional dancers with specific qualities to cast his next large scale production Jungle Book Reimagined: male & female contemporary dancers between 20 and 40 years-old, with a variety of body types, and a strong classical ballet base.

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions and the new Brexit regulations, we are specifically looking for dancers that are based in the UK, whether they are Europeans or non-EU / British nationals.

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