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Water Ripple

Issue 2

Oct 2020
From the Guest  Editor

Care and Who I am

By  Naavikaran

So what’s next?
As I think about this question, I also realize that there’s nothing radical about being me. My transness or the brown that drips with every turn of my accent does not make me any more incredible than you. There is nothing special about wanting universal access to healthcare, affordable housing and safety from violence, amongst other simple yet hard to achieve outcomes. There is nothing ground-breaking about being a loud-mouthed feminist.

Through the Lens

Across Generation and Styles

Conversation between Raja & Radha Reddy and Tanya Saxena

Drs. Raja and Radha Reddy are legends of Kuchipudi - their names synonymous with the dance form. For many dancers, especially those growing up in Delhi in the 70’s and 80’s, they represent an ideal of success. Their long list of accolades as a dancing couple include India's highest civilian awards - the Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan - as well as the Sangeet Natak Akademi and the Nritya Choodamani. Invited at one time to teach at the prestigious Julliard School of Arts in New York, together with Kaushalya Reddy (Raja Reddy’s second wife as well as Radha’s younger sister), they teach Kuchipudi to pupils around the world through their institute Natya Tarangini - with centers at New Delhi, Hyderabad and Los Angeles.

In conversation with Bharatanatyam Dancer Tanya Saxena.

Out of the Ordinary

Lighting Design for Dance during COVID Times by Gyandev Singh

By Gyandev Singh

The world is going through an unprecedented time. The Covid pandemic has changed our worlds. And one of the most affected communities have been the performance arts community. The dance community in India is no different. And one question that everyone is struggling with is - how do we continue to create dance performances during these challenging times. A very obvious option is the online platforms. But that in itself is a challenge because it is a new medium for us. And like anything else it needs a little getting used to....but you can get there. It is a skill that you can learn...just like driving a car.

If I Could

by Subhash Viman Gorania

“IF I COULD” explores my connection with dance, mythological and iconic characters. I recently taught myself how to animate and the video you see has over 350 frames all of which have been individually drawn.

Initiatives and Features

A Movement Beyond:  In Search of Noon Meem Danish

CAREspaces is the first ever organization invested in building a “safe & brave space” for every member of any Indian performing arts community.

When the #metoo movement rippled through India about two years ago, individuals who endured misconduct did not have a safe space to be heard or to heal. CAREspaces fills that void by creating an inclusive space that supports healing, facilitates conversation, and prioritizes safety. With the spirit of actionable change, it will first launch a one-on-one peer support service that will allow every member of the arts community to share their narratives, receive personalized support, and referrals to relatable professional resources. Building a healthier workspace requires collaborative learning. CAREspaces will also form educational material to help navigate challenging conversations concerning sexual and non- sexual misconduct in Indian creative spaces. It believes every community member can normalize honest conversations that explore social and cultural nuances, for communal accountability and safety. The CAREspaces team wholeheartedly welcomes fellow members of the community to reach out with thoughts and questions. 

Care spaces.png

Contact CAREspaces
Email: | Instagram: @c.a.r.e.spaces

Neo Narthaki Special

Goddess Diaries

Celebrating the spirit of Navratri and the energy of the Feminine, we present to you Goddess Diaries - from Sufi saint Rabia, transgender activist Marsha P Johnson to Bhoge Bhavani. We invited artistes across the globe to share the stories and connections of their favourite Goddesses - divine and human. 
Follow the campaign on our Instagram handle!

Goddess Diaries.jpeg

Project Asura by Samyukta Madhu 
Instagram : @project.asura | @sam_madhu

Neo Narthaki Recommends 

Latest News and Trends in the World of Dance 

  • Our book this month is Anurima Banerji’s “Dancing Odissi - PARATOPIC PERFORMANCES OF GENDER AND STATE”. The book traces Odissi’s transformation from its historical role as a regional artistic practice to its modern incarnation as transnational spectacle, with a focus on the state’s regulation of the dance form and the performances of gender embedded within it. 

  • The Silent Burn Project celebrating 20 years of Akram Khan Company’s unbridled expression and heart-pounding movement, this is 2 hours spent well 

  • New York based YY Dance Company have been offering free lessons on their IGTV where you can learn a solo as part of a global community in #solotogether

  • Dancer Veena Basavarajaiah's doodles force the 'classical' dancer to take themselves less seriously, which can only be a good thing

  • Mallika Taneja, a theatre maker and independent artist from New Delhi talks about how trauma has informed her work, the importance of walking to her artistic practice, the various ways she’s created in and with the community, and why she doesn’t consider herself an activist in this podcast

  • I Saw a God Dance, by Bangalore based film-maker Ayisha Abraham, constructs a slice of the iconic Ram Gopal’s life from 8mm film footage found locally around the neighbourhood where Ram Gopal’s family used to reside in the early 1900’s, along with photographs, documents, reviews, audio and recent interviews with dancers, who knew him well

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