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Swimming Pool

Issue 17

August 2023

Finding Your Voice as a Dancer in a Cross Cultural Landscape 

Article by Kiran Rajagopalan

In Fall 2014, I was taking a graduate course at New York University (NYU) on post-modern performance with one of the “founders” of Performance Studies, Dr. Richard Schechner. I was tasked with creating a piece which incorporates both Contact Improvisation and Bharatanatyam. I felt like the assignment was a deliberate setup for failure because these two movement techniques are kinetically and aesthetically opposed to each other. I had no experience in the former, and I had exclusively trained in the latter for decades. One focuses on literal contact between two or more bodies while spontaneously breaking and reshaping form. The other carves deliberate and specific geometric shapes on the solo dancing body and within individualized performance space.

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Exploring the Artistic Journey of a Modern Classical Dancer

Interview with Amrita Lahiri, Indian classical dancer specializing in Kuchipudi.

Discover the world of classical dance through the eyes of a passionate artist - Amrita Lahiri whose journey spans cultures and continents. With a background in both Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam, this artist embraces the essence of human emotions and the power of storytelling. Their exploration of traditional forms and contemporary themes reflects a belief in the universal language of art. 


Unveiling Insights: Dance Criticism and Its Transformative Power

Interview with young dancers

Discover the profound reflections of Meera Sreenarayanan, Saathvikaa Shankar, Sandhya Udupa, and Praachi Saathi on the role of criticism in the world of dance. Uncover their perspectives on seeking feedback, the power of diverse voices, and the transformative nature of constructive critique. Join us in understanding how dance criticism shapes the artists.


The Bookmark

Book recommendations from NeoNarthaki

This month we share a few books that celebrate diverse identities and experiences


Looking to expand your dancing horizons? We share here a list of curated opportunities for dancers. From festivals to workshops to residencies, we present relevant opportunities for dancers to learn, grow and connect with the world of dance!


Spirit of Youth Festival of Music & Dance – 2023
Jhankriti 2023
Finding Your Voice by Anmol Vellani
National Conference On Performing Arts And Classical Dance Festival, Hampi

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