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Water Ripple

Issue 10

Feb 2022

Love Language of Dance

By Shreyaa Suresh

February is that month of the year where expression of love is at its peak. While the Valentine's Day culture of gift-giving is popularised through this month, there are many  different ways humans express their affection including but not limited to words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and touch. One can find aspects of these love languages reflected in the performativity of Dance that visualises these methods of communication through movement. As universal it is to feel emotions of love, its reflection can be found in all forms of dance throughout the world. Shreyaa Suresh a young dancer and academician writes about the comparative expressions of love in Bharatanatyam and Ballet. 

3 Visual Illustrators to follow on Instagram

By Akshath Ram

Illustrative art has always remained a medium of reflection and perception that redefines our imaginations towards the things around us. We decided to round-up 3 exceptional artists from Instagram whose art works are influenced by the Indian Classical Arts environment. From social narratives to nostalgia, these artists tick off the right boxes when it comes to spell binding art. 
We share here three innovative visual illustrators who explore classical and traditional themes for the contemporary audience.

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