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Swimming Pool

Issue 18

October 2023

Legacy Reimagined: How the Next-Gen Leaders are Reshaping Legendary Dance Institutions

By Ayshwariya Lakshmi

How are the next-gen leaders spearheading the growth of legendary institutions? These institutions have been the custodians of our dance heritage, and their evolution into the hands of a new generation of passionate and forward-thinking leaders is nothing short of inspiring.


In this article we have spoken to Ajith Vijayan of Kerala Kalalayam, Bimbavati Devi of Manipuri Nartanalaya, CP Satyajit of Bharata Kalanjali and Saswati Sen of Kalashram who are preserving the legacy while forging exciting new paths.


Evolving the Language of Dance

An Interview with Divya Ravi, Bharatnatyam Dancer

In this enlightening interview, Divya Ravi delves into her creative process and experiences on how she approaches dance in both traditional and digital mediums. She also talks about the evolving impact of Indian classical dance on global audiences. She speaks about seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, pushing the boundaries of the art form while connecting with diverse cultures worldwide.


Dancing Through Life: Prioritizing Mental Health in the World of Dance

On this World Mental Health Day, we highlight essential practices for dancers to recognize the significance of mental health in their art, careers, and overall well-being. We share key pointers that can help dancers prioritize their mental health and thrive in both their passion and their personal lives.

The Bookmark

Book recommendation from NeoNarthaki

Courting Hindustan written by Bharatnatyam dancer, Madhur Gupta is a deeply researched, elegantly crafted portrait of some of the most intriguing women figures practising traditional Indian entertainment art forms such as, music, dance and poetry. It relives 2,500 golden years of women being elite traditional performers and how, over the centuries, they have captured the imagination of the country and the world at large, their art and lives being a complex response to social forces and cultural conditions.


Looking to expand your dancing horizons? From festivals to workshops to residencies, we share here a curated list of opportunities for dancers to learn, grow and connect with the world of dance!

Tandav inclusive dance festival - Bangalore, India
Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa
Call for Applications | Digital Artists Residency for Artists with Disabilities
APRE Artist Residency Program - Mumbai, India
Kalanirvana International Artists Residency - Bhubaneswar, India
NeeRav Arts Village (NAV) - A Holistic Space for Artists

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