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Five Platforms that Enable Artists to Monetise Art

With the advent of the virtual medium as an alternative to live performing spaces, artists have been trying to establish a digital presence and connect with their audience through online platforms.

We decided to do a quick roundup of some significant online avenues through which you could monetize your art and earn through the digital medium.


Patreon offers the best way for artists to produce content for their audience and the best way to monetize from their art- a subscription model. It gives them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. You get the freedom to do your best work and the stability you need to build an independent creative career in exchange.


Hosting a Live Event? Want a platform that will make the process easier and help you reach a global audience? Fret not, for Skillbox is your perfect answer. Skillbox enables you to create and manage live streaming events, both free and paid. In the covid era, this software is a boon to many artists who have to otherwise dable with multiple software to create an online event, which Skillbox negates.


YouTube has increasingly become the go-to platform for artists to present their work. The YouTube interface provides a platform to perform and helps build a community of audience members who are interested in your art. With features like the subscription model being launched on YouTube, artists can now create, produce and sell exclusive content to this distinctive audience base.


The most common and time-tested method of monetizing one's art apart from performing is teaching. Every artist is also often a teacher who imparts years of knowledge and experience to their students. Teachable makes this process easier and effective. You can now curate, organize and develop teaching modules for students, especially in the virtual scenario, so they are not away from learning. Teachable comes in handy, especially for those teachers who tutor students from beyond their geographic and physical zones.


If you are an artist practicing any art form of South Asian origin, then Shaale is the best way forward. Since its inception, Shaale has been a frontrunner in innovating new methods for artists to present, teach and promote their art to a global audience. Shaale hosts a wide variety of events, workshops, learning and practice modules, concerts, performances, etc., on its exceptionally user-friendly platform and has devised an artist-friendly revenue-based model that aids in the monetization process. Shaale continues to be the one-stop solution for all South Asian artists wanting to make a digital presence.

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